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Keep Your Home Safe – and Beautiful -- with Outdoor Accent Wall Lighting


Outdoor Accent Wall Lighting

Many of us put a great deal of thought into indoor lighting to accent home décor. There are many questions we ask ourselves when trying to maximize the effect lighting will have. Some of these include:

·       Is there enough natural light?

·       Do the light fixtures complement the rest of the décor?

·       Is there a mix of overhead lighting and occasional lamps?

·       Are kitchen lights bright enough?

·       Should light bulbs be frosted or clear?

·       Do work spaces have adequate lighting?


However, when it comes to outdoor spaces, we don’t often consider lighting thoroughly. We should! Good lighting can make a tremendous difference in how we enjoy our outdoor space.


There are several goals when we think about how to light the exterior of a home and the surrounding yard or garden space. One primary consideration is safety. You’ll want to install sufficient lighting to ensure people are able to walk safely from the sidewalk to the main entrance, or from the front of the house to the backyard. You’ll also want to provide enough light to deter prowlers from approaching the garage or home. Outdoor wall lighting provides the most effective way to keep you and your family safe.


Another use for outdoor lighting is to accentuate unique architectural features. Use beautifully coloured LED wall lights to draw attention to unique features that give your home’s exterior character. Often, LED lights can add drama to cupolas, gazebos, stained-glass windows, antique-style doors, fountains or even statues.


Creating a Dramatic Outdoor Space

Another design consideration is the use of your yard. Outdoor lighting can create a space that is ideal for your own use and for entertaining. If you have a garden pathway that leads to a fountain, bench or another feature, you may want to add outdoor accent wall lighting to illuminate it. You can light the feature itself, too. A gazebo can look magical and romantic with the proper lighting.  If you have a pool or a hot tub, accent wall lighting can illuminate the area, enabling you to use it in the evening.


If you have a patio or deck, installing lights can allow you to use it as an al fresco dining area for guests or family. If you have landscape features like topiary, or raised flower beds, accent lights can draw attention by casting a spotlight upon them. Combining wall accent lights with strip lighting or spotlights can create drama and depth, giving your yard a special aura.


The LED Advantage

LED lights are the best choice for outdoor wall lighting. Shoebox LEDs or wall packs give a great deal of illumination and are energy-efficient. These types of lamps come in various wattages, and are highly durable.


A professional lighting company can help you to decide what types of lights will work best for your spaces. There are high-quality companies in the Greater Toronto Area that offer expert advice along with installation and maintenance. Look for a company that warranties its products and installation labour and that uses specialized lighting fixtures designed for Canadian weather conditions.


Install beautiful lighting to transform your outdoor spaces. Light up your home and your life!